Adult Jazz Dance Classes


VENUE - Ashenground Community Centre, Southdown Close,  Haywards Heath, RH16 4JR


Jazz Dance is a fun way to keep fit to great tunes. The class will help improve stamina, co-ordination and tone muscles as well as challenging the brain as you try to remember the steps in our routines!

Each session begins with a warm up for about 10 minutes and then moves onto learning a routine to a current pop song or even an old favourite from the 70's, 80's 90's or noughties!  We also mix it up with a bit of Musical Theatre. A new routine is started approximately every 2/3 weeks and the class ends with a cool down/stretch. We work hard but have a good laugh and it does not matter if you have no previous experience.

Classes are suitable for anyone 18 years and over and are on a pay as you go basis. A lesson costs £6 for the hour but you try your first class for free!! . There is no need to book a place but it is helpful in lesson planning to know when a new person is intending joining a class.

Please wear appropriate clothing you can easily move in.  A supportive sports bra or top is recommended for jazz dance. For this class, you can work in either bare feet or a soft, flexible dance trainer as opposed to a running shoe.

Please remove necklaces, dangly ear-rings etc. before participating in any class.







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