Adult Ballet Classes

IMPROVERS LEVEL 1 - Wednesdays 6.00pm.7.00pm
IMPROVERS LEVEL 2 - Thursdays 6.30pm-7.30pm

VENUE  - St Richard's Church Hall (behind the church) on Sydney Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 1QA


 "Thank you for being such a lovely and inspiring teacher - when we are with you we are all prima ballerinas in our heads!"  
(Rosemary, Improver Level 1)

Ballet conditions the whole body by gently stretching, strengthening and toning the muscles and helps develop poise by constantly working on good posture. There is not one part of the body that isn't fully used including the mind as ballet requires calm concentration and focus.

The class begins with warm-up exercises at the barre (we use stacks of chairs or the window sill for support) and progresses to working on different steps in the centre to include arm exercises, travelling steps, turns and small jumps.  We also work towards learning a new dance each term.

All of this is done to classical music. If you do Pilates, you will find ballet complements your current class well or could offer an interesting alternative.

Classes are suitable for anyone 18 years and over (we have a range of ages - you are never too old!) and are on a pay as you go basis. A lesson costs £6 for the hour but you try your first class for free!! . There is no need to book a place but it is helpful in lesson planning to know when a new person is intending joining a class.

IMPROVERS LEVEL 1 - This class is aimed at those who have done ballet for a short while in their childhood or who have taken some classes recently so have basic ballet knowledge and technique.  It's also suited to those who might have done a fair bit of ballet in the p
ast but are feeling a bit rusty and would prefer to work at a slower pace.  Exercises are simple enough to grasp so that the class still keeps moving along.   Please note, this class is not suitable for absolute beginners.

IMPROVERS LEVEL 2 - This class is suitable for those who have a fair bit of experience of ballet - even if it was many moons ago!  Exercises will be more challenging with a variety of levels set so that you can pick the one that best suits you.

Please wear appropriate clothing you can easily move in and ballet shoes or thin socks.  In winter months, please wear layers until the heating kicks in/you warm up.

Please also remove necklaces, dangly ear-rings etc. before participating in any class.







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